17 Ocak 2017

Camın İlginç Tarihi

Camın keşfi tarih sayfalarında kaybolmuştur, fakat 4000 yıl kadar öncesine dayandığı biliniyor. Cam yapımının keşfinde iki ana aşama bulunuyor. İlki, bildiğimiz kumun soda ve kireç ile […]
Compared with the black, red models, known as the "midnight blue" of this Kai Cheng Biwan watch is not so much publicity, nor too low-key, always filled with exquisite and fresh atmosphere. The blue circle on the replica watches bezel is the highlight of this timepiece. Because the popular things, after all, will be forgotten over time and was forgotten, so the designer to abandon the large blue design, only use a circle of "blue" as a decoration, so that dark blue in the fake watcheshearts of people forever light, not Due to the fading of the trend was "submerged", fashion classic. And each paragraph is a very beautiful Baiban watch, for a strap, the style will be very different and before.